Friday, March 7, 2008

Do All

Do all artists like to bake, I wonder?
It's such an extension of creating.
But it's a creating that helps and heals and nourishes and it's something you can completely devour.
I've always liked to bake.
It makes me feel so earthy and real.
I wonder if I could eat my paintings, would I?
Perhaps so but only if I could divide them into many, many pieces and share them around.

Took this photo in the kitchen this morning.

Click to make it large.
So amazing.


Carol said...

I love to cook, don't like to bake.

Demands too much precision to be relaxing.

But I still think I'm an artist.


Sarah said...

You're one of my favourite writers.

Now...write me an Indian meal?

Carol said...

Ooh, now there's a challenge I like!

Kay said...

Find a competition and enter this photo...