Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I adore my friends.
No, really.
Adore them.

"Oh and Sarah, guess frigging what?!! I went outside to traverse to the plastic outhousemobile, and a gust of wind flew so strong that it flipped my hat off! Of course, I turned around to catch it, because I like this hat, and another, even stronger gust of wind came and picked me up and took my whirlwind around and I saw stars over Japan and played with whales in the ocean and then I saw a bright flicker of orgasm and asked the wind to go that way. And do you know, it was in Alabama, and it was YOU! You were light and pretty and dancing around. The wind brought me swooping down and I was almost able to touch you to tie a ribbon in your hair, but dropped it. So if you see a blue ribbon lying around, know that that was me."


hayzie said...

Well, look at that.

*kicks dirt*

Sarah said...

*kicks dirt back*

You gorgeous goose, you.

(i love)...colours... said...


Hope said...

I knew I loved that girl, and now I know even more reasons why . . .