Friday, March 9, 2007

Sold A Work From Yesterday

WOW. And *that* is the way it should go, boys and girls! To sell a piece while you're still undecided on it is *fabulous*. It makes you feel...liked.

I didn't do any work today as I was out of town. Well, actually, this morning I composed a piece but that was all. Tomorrow I get to draw it up and paint it. I am much excited. I am inspired by the photo I'm working on and the stars are aligned perfectly for art lately. *she says, frantically touching wood*

Anyway it's 11pm. Tonight I get to drink wine with my lover, watch a movie, and then snuggle on down.

Tomorrow I get to inhale creation and breathe it out again.

Here's to a beautiful weekend, Y'all.
And here's to my beautiful Soni, who likes pink ladies and art.


1 comment:

Lyvvie said...

Was it the pink one? I really love the pink one!

I loved your fruit series too but someone bought the whole lot...I was jealous.