Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Sun Room.

What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, *beautiful* day. Spring has truly arrived! I floated around all day, basking in sunbeams and opening windows and then tonight I heard the first cricket chirping his song.

I also made a sunroom. Oh, it's perfect! I had turned the mudroom into a little dining room for boy (he wanted a dining table) but neither of us really got around to using it much. We normally eat dinner in front of a movie. So today I shifted out the table, bought in a comfy chair and a little coffee table.

The coffee table is laden with books (and a vase with flowers), the chair sits directly in front of the door (which I keep open during the day so the sun and breeze stream in) and tomorrow I want to go looking for the *perfect* little rug for the room.

Oh, I love it!
I love the sunroom.
I can sit and read in there.
I can sit and paint in there (when out of the studio).
I can just inhale the fresh air in there.

I love spring.
I love nature.
I plan to incorporate camping into every spare weekend.
In fact boy and I are going to buy a backpackers tent (our current one is more like a family tent) We're living outside this season.

But now I am just blathering, no?

I came to say....
today was compositions and drawings. Two new sketches done well, and I'm laying the base coats tonight.

And today was sun.

And all of that combined was just absolutely perfect.

Here's to a delicious new season, all!

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