Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I sold a new piece!

A good day, thusfar!

1) My insurance claim *finally* got processed and UPS paid up for the painting they lost in December (although they ripped me off shipping...BAD UPS...only use FedEx, y'all).

2) My order arrived from DickBlick and I have new paints and ABSORBENT GROUND (which I've been dying to try). Plus I got a masquepen refill.

3) I SOLD EVE!! (perhaps I should have put this first!) And am *very* excited it got such a great response.

Um. I got sick unexpectedly last night and couldn't go shopping for a jig saw. And tonight I am busy, tomorrow is hectic so perhaps I must wait until Friday?

Today I am still under the weather but I hope to draw up a new work (titled 'Stomp')

More when I have it.

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