Saturday, March 31, 2007

Absolutely Glorious.

Absolutely glorious days. The last two have been overcast. For those who don't know, overcast is my favourite - seconded by fog or icicle grass. I haven't seen icicle grass since New Zealand. Anyway it's so glorious to look at the grey, grey sky and see the bright flowers of spring contrasting against it.

I wanted to take a photo for you but alas, I cannot find my camera.

I have the windows open despite the sudden chill and I have a tray of cookies in the oven. They smell and happiness. I'm thinking lovely thoughts about life, about circumstance, about happiness. And to bring added joy to this day, I am picking up my father at the airport this evening. Oh! But my heart sings!

My heart was broken once but now I find it healed and every day is poetry. You ever had that? Where you thought the world would never turn again? And it takes awhile but then...then it starts turning slowly and everything in it that is beautiful is even more so. Because you weren't blinded by beauty before, only by darkness.

But I should not be blathering here, I should be tidying my house and making my fathers bed.

Some things to leave you with...

1. (overheard - made me chuckle) "Girl you *have* to hum. Humming is good for your soul. If you hum the devil doesn't know what you are talking about."

2. (overheard - made me laugh) "No no no, I said you remind me of my *ex*-wife. And that's a *good* comment"

3. I asked boy yesterday "do you believe in Nirvana?" to which he replied "well, yesterday was pretty good."

4. An angel sent me a gift voucher for DickBlick in the mail. I got it yesterday. She said it's so I could buy more paper.

Aren't people amazing?
Sometimes they are the bright flowers against the grey sky.
Other times they are the grey sky behind the bright flowers.
But always, always...
we are amazing.

Happy Spring, everyone.

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Kay said...

A pinch and a punch...

(Did you think we had forgotten?)