Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Secret Pleasure.

Today is a good day in the art world - thusfar.
I have picked out several photographs to paint from and I am excited to draw them up.
But more importantly, due to the recent sale, I can afford to buy some much needed art supplies. Because I've been doing smaller works I can officially take the $50 I would have spent on paper and spend it on paint. Delicious new colours! I have been pouring over them online, deciding which colours I simply must have and which I can get by with trying to mix. It's all tremendously exciting but in that *quiet* sort of way. Like a secret pleasure. A little ho-hum inside. Which got me to wondering about which sort of excitement was better. The jump-up-and-down, screaming-on-the-couch, fly-through-the-air LOOK AT ME excitement? Or the snug, contented, delicious, quiet-sunshine-in-my-stomach excitement. But are rip-roaringly *good* but...

I think today I love the snug.

Maybe my paints will arrive this week!
Maybe they will arrive next week.
I suppose the longer they take, though, the longer the secret pleasure.

Ho Hum
Ho Hum
Hoooooo Huuuuum

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