Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Next Step.

Well I have almost finished Eve (shown earlier post). And I found a lot of delicious models and poses the other day to use. So I'm not short of a new model. But...I *just* don't feel like painting.

This hasn't happened before. Not quite like this. So it's time to press on with the next step.

Instead of framing the works behind glass I want to start mounting my smaller pieces on wooden boxes. I can mount them, spray them with a fixitive and UV protectant, and then seal them against moisture damage.

Of course this process involves not only the after steps of fixitives and sealants, but the beginning steps of making the boxes to mount them on. I'll need wood, a saw, carpenters glue, clamps and...a plan!

When I painted acrylics I'd cut and sand/prime my own wood all the time. But if I'll be making lots of these boxes (and I think I will be) then I want to get a powertool. A Jig Saw, to be more specific. Although I still totally dig my japanese hand saw.

I really want to go looking tonight but I'm not sure if I'll have the gusto (drained, for some reason). So maybe tomorrow?

Either which way I need to get started. I'm very excited. Now if I could just find some get up & go....

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