Thursday, March 15, 2007


Long story short I sold Eve twice yesterday! A client bought the original and then asked if she could get a large print made. Then she decided she'd much rather a large painting, so she commissioned me to do the same work on a much larger scale (25x45" as opposed to 5x9") so I promised her that and I resold the smaller Eve to somebody else. *high fives*

And I SPLURGED already.

I promise, I swear, it was almost ALL art supplies. I'm tremendously excited. Here's some stuff I got!

* Frisket (I'll damn near use a whole bottle on such a large work!) and a really cool iridescent medium I want to try on smaller works.

* Some UV spray to protect finished works.

* A roller for wet-on-wet (normally I use brushes but for a large work I think I'll need to try this!)

* My package from DickBlick (including some new colours (watercolours), a refill for my masquepen, and some ABSORBENT GROUND - which I am *dying* to try!)

* I bought this BOOK (Dramatic Light for Watercolour and Oils, Patrick Howe) I saw once in a bookstore and really wanted. I couldn't afford it at the time and then when I went back to get it it had gone. So, yesterday, Amazon was my friend. *grin*

* And then today, FOR THE BIG PROJECT, I went into town and picked up some paper. It's HUGE. It'll be the biggest watercolour I've ever done. It's - obviously - rolled up in the brown paper.

* And....last but not non-art splurge. Oh, I LOVE IT! And I'm wicked excited. I got a little weights bench, because it's so nasty to lie on the ground all sweaty. I'm so excited! It's adjustable in *all* the right ways. Stellar!

(sorry the photos are wonky. I dunnae know how to ride this horse)


Lyvvie said...

I'm very jealous of your own private gym. You could paint me green.

Hope said...

My hubby is SO going to want to move in with you when he sees these pictures.


He'll have to get past me first... I want to be your live-in!!