Thursday, March 15, 2007

Carpentry Day.

In order to paint this bigger watercolour I'm going to have to have a bigger desk. Which is perfect because I was needing another work desk anyway. At the moment I have one that lines one wall of my studio but I would like to put one along another wall also. Which would be *lots* of space.

So tomorrow boy and I are rocking on down to Home Depot and buying supplies. Then we shall spend the day designing, sawing, sanding, sealing, and MAKING ME A NEW DESK!

I'm so excited about it.
I'm going to dress up in old khakis, black lace bra, white wifebeater, tool belt, cowboy hat and *adorable* grin. Okay, okay....I don't have a cowboy hat (I'm gasping at that in my mind) so I shall just have a messy updo that I'll have to keep out of my eyes.

You can never underestimate work space. We're building it so that eventually we can put in a bookcase on one side and storage for WC paper on the other.
And of course we'll make it so we can dismantle it when we move. I'll be taking this sucker with me.

I'm dreadfully happy about the whole ordeal.

I shall take photos of the process.
And definitely post a photo here of the end result.

Happy Thursday.

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