Friday, March 2, 2007

Small Town Art Opening - Bust or No?

Oh dear!
I went to an art opening tonight. I was quite excited about it. I didn't know the artist or his work but he's a friend of a friend so I was quite looking forward to getting out, to mingling, to enjoying art and artistic chatter and to seeing some people I hadn't seen in awhile. But I guess the problem is this.

I spend so much time in my head, I spend so much time in my grand old mind, thinking amazing thoughts and dreaming up wicked plans. I spend so much time in in my tower (not an ivory tower, by the way, but a tower made of starsplash and moonshine, rocks and smarties, hair and feathers) and I'm in there soooooo long that when I step out into the world I expect it to be equally as crazy, equally as busy, equally as abundant, and as *insane* and colourful. Definitely no less. *Especially* when I step out with art in mind. I guess I spend so much time in my tower I kinda forget that I live in a small town, in Alabama!

Soooo, I bundle up. Put on my coat. My make-up. Wear my funky new necklace. And cruise out into the night, cursing the fact I haven't made business cards, wondering how late we'll be because although I'm tired I *love* splashing about in artistic affairs. In fact I think boy and I even mini-argued about how late we'd stay!

Well! We get there and it takes all of FIVE MINUTES to inhale the work. And it was good work, honestly, but...there wasn't much *to* the room. And then I look around and there's only one person we actually know and the rest...well, upon eavesdropping, the rest aren't even talking art talk. They are talking about kids off at college studying accounting and the like. *blowfish face*. What now, what now?

I look at boy.
Boy looks at me.
We waltz back out into the night.
It's not like we could stagger down the street to a nearby store or event (oh, I remember artists night in Philly! So great!) however I *refuse* to end our Friday night so abruptly! All dressed up and nowhere to go! So I say to boy 'we need a treat. we need something. let's go to the supermarket and get a gooey dessert that we'd *both* love' And so we do. Not only that but we get a bottle of wine (we're so classy, wine and doughnuts) And we agree to have a FABULOUS night in, watching Northern Exposure, slurping wine, eating doughnuts, getting tipsy and just...

you know.

Just hanging out in our tower.

It's not so bad, this multi-coloured mess.
You know in fact I think I kinda prefer it.
The next time I go to an art opening I propose it's a new one I've made in one of my non-ivory rooms. Because...well...the anti-climatic, small-town art-opening was dreadfully inspiring in it's own way afterall. For isn't it always when the paper is blank in front of you that you crave making a mark?

Yes. Yes I think it's time to make my own show. And then to get the hell out of dodge with it. But for now....I think I hear a wine bottle calling my name....

*slinks off into the night*

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Hope Darby said...

You need to come visit me. The art scene here isn't much better, but there are a couple of fairly impressive little galleries, typically composed of paintings and photography. My town (even though it's another 'bama burb) is kinda artsy-fartsy, and I love that.

It's no MOMA, but it would at least take up more of your night than 5 minutes!

I'll send you some pictures next time I head downtown, and let you see a bit of it.


And I can't wait for YOUR opening. The guests will need dark eye-wear to combat the bright colors and sparkle of your work... you'll YANK them out of their dull little cocoons and make their minds expand.