Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stick it up, Punk. The money or the art?

So I remember my mother not wanting to part with a lot of her paintings and deliberating over prices a lot when it came to exhibitions. I, however, am very ruthless by nature and I don't really mind about selling this, or giving away that. Not to mention that I am poor and I'll take what I can get!
But...I accidentially pinned one of my works to my wall and then when it came time to take it down, my inner voice whined 'but it looks sooooo good there!' (it didn't help that it was pinned next to artwork I loved by other people, and it somehow fit in nicely). I wondered about keeping it. What's *more*, I envisioned more pieces like it, tacked to my wall in the same fashion. Which meant a lack of future sales, obviously.
So then I had to ask *badly* do you want it. You know how much you're pricing it at. BUY IT IF YOU WANT IT.
*head scratch*
*brain click*
Why, yes! What a great policy. Buy the paintings from myself!
And in a second, the painting was off my wall.
Would I spend $50.00 on it? YES! HELL YES! OF COURSE! It's TOTALLY worth that.
Do I HAVE $50.00 to spend on it? Sadly, no.
It's the money or the art, punk, so stick it up.
Seriously, the idea of buying art from myself has never occurred before. I always value pieces at what I would pay for them if I had money, but I never actually thought 'save up and buy a piece, stupid!.
The minute I decided I couldn't afford it, I was absolutely okay with selling it.
Besides, I can make a print and tack the print up, no?
And I can paint more paintings.
And it's somehow nice knowing that the original is out there being truly loved by someone.

But...the next big question is....
How mad will my FAMILY be if I ask them to buy me one of my paintings for Christmas?

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Sherazade96 said...

Your family should have bought them all already! :-)