Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pans Labyrinth?

I dug the trailer. And I had many many friends tell me that *I* would love it. I think because they see me as somewhat magical and it's a somewhat magical film. And I really *did* enjoy it. But...

It's just. I mean. I expected to come home inspired in a BILLION ways about how film and fantasy can adorn ones life and I expected to lock myself into my studio and set forth on a huge (failing) fantasy series. Instead I thought...

Films that people *don't expect* me to find magical, I do. And the magical ones I just seem to find quaint. For example if I were to watch Apocalypse Now right now I'd have the urge to run through the jungle at full speed, screaming at the top of my lungs, inviting *every* bullet and then laughing hysterically as they hit me. You know. *Magic*. *Freedom*. Pan's Labyrinth, while good, just really made me think 'You should carry your knife around more, Sarah.'

As you can see my day was taken up outside of the studio.
But I did manage to sneak a *little* art in.

Want to see?


More tomorrow.

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