Saturday, February 3, 2007

Juicy Stew.

Life is a beautiful, fat, warm raindrop.
Yesterday I had one of the best days of my entire life.
Filled with many things, but also filled with art.
I thought to write about it here.
I even took photos of some delicious things.
Then I decided to write of it would strip some of the magic away.
And I like the magic.

Life is a juicy stew.

Today I was organising works for a coffee shop. I had bought some cheap frames in January and was going to stip them and paint them and take out the art in them and put in my own. They are a cute size, which is why they appealed and why I bought them. Small squares, 4.5". I thought they might be great for a coffee shop collection.

Then, when brainstorming ideas and sizes and works...the most beautiful idea for an exhibiton came to mind. Fragile. Strong. It is not suited to a coffeeshop at all, however. But it holds my heart. So it is the next project.

I am very glad for the project page on my site. When this small collection of works is finished, I will post them online under my projects page.

I am tingling and excited.

I am a little ill today (no, that's not the flushing or the tingles!) so I am taking it easy. Tomorrow, though, I cannot wait to hit the studio.

I hope I can finish this collection in a week. Reality says not to put forward a timeline though, but rather a heart.

Wish me luck.
I'm putting the crock pot on.


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