Thursday, February 1, 2007

How To Re-appreciate Your Work.

I decided to branch out with gouache and card because I stopped liking my watercolours.
Yesterday I spent hours on a new work, said gouache on card, and it didn't go so well.
I convinced myself it was okay, from the beginning to end (and the beginning was good - the sketch, at least, was fine) and I kept saying "I can turn this into something, I can turn this into something."
I even said that as I decided to stop for the night...I wanted to go for a run and thought 'put this work away in your studio, where you can't look at it as you run (I painted in the lounge yesterday) and then look at it with fresh eyes in the morning'.
So, I put on my running shoes/shorts/bra and then went into my studio to drop my work off. And...MY.
All of the watercolours lining my walls glowed. I put the new work up and it looked AWFUL. Much worse than I had thought. And then I realised...I *love* watercolour. I *love* watercolour paper. I realised if I have a problem with my work, I should not go looking elsewhere. I should just press forward. Because all of the works I thought were bad suddenly looked beautiful. So I smiled, turned off the light, and went out to run.

Want to re-appreciate your work?
Just take a break.
A breather.
Attempt something new.
And then return to what was with new eyes and mindset.

With love,

(failed gouache/card painting below - abandoned)

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