Thursday, February 8, 2007

Finding room for colour and beauty.

I love our rental. We've been in this house for two years in July and it looks more like home than ever. I'm in love with the colours of the walls. I'm in love with stuff. Just...*our stuff*. Boys art on the walls, my art on the walls. Boys guitars hanging everywhere, my decorations hanging up, our art supplies scattered. I love *every* room except for the bathroom (and I may or may not fix that up, depending on how long we'll be in this place). I especially love the space we've created and dancing through it in a flowing skirt when the house is clean. If we had more money we would haunt our new favourite antique store and our place would be even cooler still, but on our budget we've done really well.

Anyway, point is....there was a 75% off calendar sale. I went in and got three calendars for dirt cheap (free, actually, somebody else bought them for me). I got two calendars with old posters in them, one of Spanish influence (old, beautiful, colourful bright Spanish posters) and one with old advertisements (equally cool and colourful). I got them with the intent of pulling the artwork out, framing it, and putting it up. That's 24 *cool* pieces of art for the wall. But as I look around...where should they go? I know I can make room but I'll have to shuffle *other cool stuff* over for them.

The more important calendar though (to me) is the Klimt calendar I got specifically for my studio. I flicked through it today and fell in love, again, with this artist. So I think I'll have to do some rearranging of the art in my studio to fit these pieces up. I shall not frame these a working studio you can get away with just tacking things up. But I will have to find a place near my desk for them.

I *like* that this is a problem. I love the fact that I have to juggle beauty for beauty. It makes me smile inside and out.

As for the artwork, today I spent the morning drawing up a new work. Drawing up is always the bulk of the work, the hardest part. Applying the paint is the fun and beauty of it. So tonight I will be painting, I think. I just need to find a *little* more energy.

My feet are still dragging a little.
But that is what music is pick your feet up.

*turns 'Life on Mars' up, grasps calendars and twirls throughout the house.*

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