Tuesday, February 6, 2007

And so I run.

And so I run. On the treadmill to many artistic inspirations on the DVD. But it is the last of the disk and I need to drop it in the mail so the next lot of inspiration arrives tomorrow. And so I run. Off the treadmill. Clad in only sports bra and running tights, sneakers. My hair an absolute mess, falling out of its half-tail, streaming around my face. I grab the DVD from the machine and frantically throw it into it's sleeve. I look around for anything to wear and pick one of boys shirts up off the back of the chair. Loop only the top button before running for the door. I hear the mailtruck but it's a street over. Has it been? Or is it coming? I run to the mailbox to find it full. And I feel hopelessly beautiful, standing like a FOOL in the sunshiney street, doing my best to keep ahold of inspirational comings and goings. I throw my head back and grin. Before running back inside before the neighbours see.

You know what I thought about today? I thought about how everybody needs to be in love. But the beauty of the love equation is that if you're not in love, often you don't know that you need to be. (don't talk to me about philosophy, I know the cirle that creates)

Now *that* is beautiful.

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