Thursday, February 8, 2007

Undeniably Cool.

'Factory Girl' will be playing in the theatre soon. I can't say how excited I am. Of course Andy Warhol is half of the story. It's invigorating. My head is spinning. I'll be jumping up and down in the car on the way there, in the lines for tickets, and in the seats. Then, if you try to talk to me in the film, I will turn into a stoney bitch. Hey! That's the way! And then, after the film, I will jump up and down and chatter like a five year old and sprint home to my studio to blast music and create.

In other news, we changed all of the light bulbs in our house to energy saving bulbs. Now when you flick the light switch there is a one second wait. I took for granted the switch immediately forcing light before. Now it's completely mad to think about. To think a switch can cause such immediate actions. And when I flick the switch now and wait a second, it's neat. Like there is a glitch in time. Very odd. I stand there with mystery.

But I prattle and I should be painting.

*goes to studio*
*turns on light*
*waits a second, perfectly still*
*enters when the light flicks on*

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