Monday, February 26, 2007


I suppose I haven't been checking in quite as often as I could.
I've been tired. I've been busy. I've been enduring insomnia and headaches. But I *have* been getting work done, too.

Here is a triptych I did for a friend. The flowers all have symbolism. I have yet to title the work.

I have yet to add these to my website, but I should.

I also finished a smaller piece today which I quite like, 'Poppies and Rain', it's at the beginning of this post.

In other art news I am eager to obtain and try some 'Absorbent Ground', a gesso type medium my friend told me about that can be used with watercolours. It means I could paint on gessoed wood instead of paper, depending on how it turned out/how I liked it.

Anyway I have been neglecting Share Your Tears (unfortunately) so I'm going to try and work on one of those next. After I make some jewellery for some friends. And *that's* after I take some panadol.

With love and sparkles and headache-free wishes,

1 comment:

Sherazade96 said...

That first one....

It takes my breath away.

It's your best work yet.
I swear.