Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Experiments With Yupo

So I was painting directly onto the records.
Sanding, priming, undercoating, AGing, and then painting.
But they have a small raised edge on the side...from all of the layers.
So I wonder if I shouldn't just experiment with tayloring yupo to the records and painting directly onto that.

Today, I discover.


soni said...

In about 7 months (or so), i shall have to introduce you to the joys of working with Bondo... (it's something Panel Beaters use to fill in dents on cars)

You still have to sand it, but, it's soft, and is made to be painted on!

You'll probably have to seal it with something to use water colors on it, though....

Brennen Reece said...

Bondo is great! I used to use Bondo all the time!