Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Season Change!

The happiest days OF MY LIFE are when I wake up and feel a change in the air.
Not due to a temporary storm (though I also adore those) or some kind of temperature drop.
But due to the changing of the seasons.

For the past three days pecans have been falling onto our tin roof...so delicious all day to hear the random plink-plonking, the sudden BANGS and booms. That was delicious in and of itself but this morning, this morning...

There was a change in the air when I woke.
The change of fall, travelling down the road.
I imagine fall in an old horse drawn carriage, horseman dressed in black cloaks, whipping a frantic whip and hurtling forward. Wind whipping and knocking leaves off the trees down a dark, dirt road.

So beautiful!

I can't believe the seasons are changing RIGHT now.

This morning has made my morning.

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