Friday, September 5, 2008


Today, at 90 degrees, I put a peppermint in my mouth and crushed it with my teeth.
And then I drew my breath in quickly.
And it was sharp.
And it was crisp.
And it was winter.
And my lungs gasped.
And my heart flickered.
And winter was upon me.

Such a beautiful trick for the long lasting summer.

A beautiful foreplay of life.


Hope said...

I love that.

Mint leaves with ice water do it for me, too.

And burning apple-cinnamon candles.


Lyvvie said...

Nonono!! You have to do it with your face in the freezer!! Go do it again but with your face in the freezer, inhale the minty COLD air and feel winter deep inside you.

I quit smoking doing this.