Saturday, December 15, 2007

Deepak Chopra Makes Comics

How did I not know this until now?!
Deepak has teamed up with Virgin Comics to create new stories and legends involving eastern philosophies. Many of the Indian Gods and Goddesses are about to become superheroes and their tales will be available to any comic book reader or avid fan.
In a time where many countries are just...melting pots...I think this is long overdue.
Deepak's son is the main writer/illustrator I believe.
I watched a small doco last night and in it Deepak said he used to tell his son tales before he went to bed but always leave him at a a cliffhanger. He would say to his kid 'dream up the ending'. Sure enough, the next day, his son would finish the tale for him.

Golly Gee, I love everything about this venture!