Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reigning it in.

With the exception of my fairy tales series, I haven't been happy with any of my large works of late.
I'm currently working on two small commission pieces and my mind is spinning in excitement. I'm digging the size. It's not just the painting...I can add more on. I can make little stages. I can have little drawstrings. I can have each work behind curtains.

I think I'm going to reign my painting size in. Experiment with small and the cool things I can do surrounding small works.

I can't wait until I can look at different materials to incorporate.
I will be window shopping for awhile, but I'm very excited to do so.

I have all of my 8x8's to work on after Christmas.
And now I have a kazillion spinning ideas for other smaller works.

I think - in terms of art - I am *really* looking forward to next year.

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