Saturday, December 29, 2007


I really like the way that I am evolving as an artist.
And I don't mean the way my work is looking, I mean my work ethic of late.
And the way that my spirit has changed accordingly alongside it.
I go to bed thinking about art, I dream of it, and when I wake my fingers start moving before my brain does.
It's a lovely feeling.
After years.
To have the artist in my body start moving before the woman in me does.

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Kay said...

If I wasn't so happy for you I would be a little envious. I have just been reading a book that I think will unblock me.

Painting is about process, not object. If only we didn't need to sell things sometimes.

I want to go home and start painting... who said Christmas and New Year should be holidays?

Can't wait to see your work in the real...