Friday, October 12, 2007

Cold Delicious.

My friend and I got home around 11.30pm last night.
That's much too late for two blondes to be walking in the park.
But we had a late start (we don't leave until 8.30pm, most nights, and last night it was more like 9.30) and were determined to get our laps in.
However, in a moment of sanity and with the oncoming winter, we decided that we will start working out in the morning instead.

Well guess what? It's morning!

At first - especially with the sudden cold snap - it was a HORROR to be awake. Alarm bings, I bang it. Twice. Then I finally roll out of bed at 6.30. For an 8.30 girl this will take some getting used to! I put my feet down and the floor is FREEZING (today I buy slippers). I scooch downstairs and get ready in the gym, so as not to wake boy up while he's still sleeping above me. I throw on full-length runners instead of capris, and layer after layer on top. Hell, I'm even wearing a beanie!

The outfit is ridiculous but cute in the look-at-the-27-year-old-trying-to-dress-herself way. I almost wish boy would wake up so he could laugh at me.

I potter around the house for a moment and then make a steaming cup of hot chocolate. MmmMM. Steam.
I text my friend and tell her to get warm clothes on.
And then...a moment out from my bitching...I grin.
A train roars past.

I love this.
I love getting started earlier.
It means so many things.
It means I can bake muffins and make coffee for boy before he wakes up.
It means I can be energised and ready to paint when I get home.
It means I won't have my workout in the back of my mind all day.
It means....oh!
So much!

Anyway as I typed that my friend just called. She'll be here in a second so I have to run.
But when I get back I'm definitely writing up a loose schedule for myself, now I know my workout times (early morn, late afternoon).

Rock on!

And Good Morning World!


cathy said...

Good Morning Sarah.
I haven't deserted your blog, just have a lot of heavy shit going on at home. I'll be back in a week or two to see what you've been up to.

Lyvvie said...

I must get back to the 6am run, for all of the reasons you listed. It's just that, you know, SIX AM! it's like, dark then. And...early. And the bed, is so warm. Warm, and soft and cocoonlike.

You stole my discipline didn't you. Or I lost mine on the last six am run I did a couple months ago. Where did it go??