Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Forgot To Give You This.

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The blue bottles are to keep the devil away. I talked to the man who made it, he hunted a long time to find the bottles. Then, to his and his wife's delight, they found out a wine cooler with a blue bottle. Many drinkings.

But back to the devil...

Some people around here used to paint their front doors blue to keep the devil out. You'd sometimes see an entirely unpainted house, except for the front door which was blue.

My house is blue and the door is white. *shifty eyes* How's that for a welcome sign?

Anyway it's Tuesday night and I'm feeling angsty.
I might have to make some 'The Devil And The Blue Door' folkart.

Don't steal that title. I like it.
Ohhhh, okay.
If you're a musician you can make it into a song but you must promise to play it for me.


Nagiko9 said...

Southerners call it "Haint Blue". It's superstition to keep evil out. In the house where I used to docent, the slaves lived in the attic. You can still see where the slaves had painted the attic ceiling haint blue. Many doors and porch ceilings are painted haint blue to this day "for good luck and long life". I love the south and its traditions born from superstition!

Lisa said...

My aunt has a bottle tree. I think they're beautiful.