Monday, October 8, 2007

Share Your Tears

This morning I got to work on a little slideshow/video to promote Share Your Tears.
The biggest problem, thusfar, is the soundtrack. I have a list of about 19 songs and I just need one.

But it's a beautiful luxury, no, to sit and listen to music and know that you are working?

Anyway I just arose from lying on my studio floor in the dark, listening to tunes. I got up because when I went to swat a bug I realised instead of an insect it was a piece of masonite. My lily-white skin and (currently) white hair are drowned in brown dust from the sawdust I accidentially lay in. One big pile from all of my sawing and *something* possessed me to lay down on it.

Anyway I got up because I'm going to the park soon to walk with my friend and I wanted to check my email. And...I found another Share Your Tears submission. be honest, after grinning like a loon I teared up.

I really believe in this project.
And in the beautiful people who submit to it.

More soon.

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