Monday, April 7, 2008


Had visitors last night so I couldn't complete my goal for the day.
Not a failure, though!
I have all the models ready and I'm about to draw up the works.

From a mail I sent ealier:

w o r k .

I'm TIRED of not having affordable art.
I wish I did, but I don't.
And in saying that, my work isn't expensive for what it is, it's just expensive for the people I want it to reach.
It's always the stupid artist's problem...making things affordable but also trying to make a living.

I've decided that every other month I am going to sit down and paint for cheap.
That means not painting on wooden frames or constructing them, but painting on paper. This heavily decreases construction time and postage costs. The paint also dries *a lot* faster on paper which means - again - my time input can be less. And if I sell these works online no gallery will charge a commission fee so I won't have to bump the prices up to cover it.

So I'm hoping on somewhere like my ETSY store, I can put works for sale ranging $30-$50, as opposed to $100-$150.

I'm going to experiment today and see how long it takes me to paint some works on paper. Figure out the bare material costs. And the cheapest, set-rate, postage.

I want funky people to have my art, you know? And all the funky people I know are as poor as I am.
I *personally* think all art should be free but that doesn't help my living situation any.

So....wish me luck in creating cheaper works!
I'll keep y'all posted!

And...good morning world!

And that's really where I'm at.
*sprints off*

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