Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Storms

The storms finally hit last night.
I'm so happy.
Firstly because I love violent weather (put me in a tent under an avalanche) and secondly because it clears the air so I can paint.
I mean that literally, too, not figuratively. The past three days the air has hung heavy and wet, almost suffocating. I walked around in a daze feeling like I had dressed myself backwards, feeling like I needed to wipe my skin down with alcohol, feeling weighted. When the storms broke, the heavens opened and the rain washed down...I danced.
And today it is still raining.
And maybe even tomorrow.
But I hope, when it stops, the air will be dry again. And then all the paint I apply will dry again, in hours as opposed to days.

Also, the tornadoes are here. If that won't dry a painting I can't tell you what will. ;) One touched down in town last night. If I end up in OZ...well, you know. Please don't rescue me from the field of poppies. This girl is down for a nap.


Brennen Reece said...

Of course it will be raining tomorrow, and the next day as well. How do I know? Because I have those days off.

Sarah said...

Well. You know. *looks upstairs to the bedroom* Rain isn't always so bad on your day off.... ;)

Sarah said...

Oh & Babe!
We have Jeremiah Season 2 to watch!
Squee. :D

Nicola said...

It's snowing here. Again. Big clumpy bits.