Friday, June 29, 2007

The Artists Dream House (in the making)

Boy and I have gone from wanting to buy a house next year (when papers are in order) to *building* a house custom to our needs.

I'm quivering excited inside.
And, turns OUT, with the type of house we'll be building, it may even be the cheapest option! *gasp*

So, rough plans (which will change constantly, I'm sure)

LARGE warehouse type building. No rooms. Funky attributes like bottles cemented into the walls to let in light (alongside the windows)
A courtyard of types so the cats can go outside without going *outside* and so we can walk around naked and also have a veggie garden protected from the outside critters.
Sunken beds, that is beds built into the floors so bed level is floor level. I'm thinking we'll need three large beds, one for us, two others for friends and family.
Concrete floors. If not hardwood but I'd prefer concrete because I want to put a fountain in the front center of our floor plan.
We'll need lounge, kitchen, our bed, bathroom, guest beds, and display areas. All these in the one big warehouse. Bathroom the exception, may have separate back area for bathroom and laundry.
Everything else OPEN. With curtains to circle guest beds when needed.
Funky sculptures and stuff as we make them.
Brilliant colours inside.
Tin roof.
Fire places.

We will build two separate studios which you can get to from the house via walkways.
One for him and one for me.

that's where we are at so far.
Our savings are zilch and our credit is non-existant.
HOWEVER....we know people in the business (real estate agents, people in construction and a guy who does projects for $20,000 or less)and we also have ties to the 'miracle worker' (a person who makes loans possible for people of our status)

We will want land in the country, I suspect. But also close to town.

I'm excited dreaming.
Boy is excited dreaming, too.

It'll just look like a big shed on the outside, no doubt, but inside will be *crazy* funkorama. And tailored exactly to our needs.

We weren't sure if we wanted to stay in the South or not but we have both decided that - alongside being only two hours away from major cities - we can 1) handle it if our house is our dream house 2) can rent it out if we leave the country/state.

Anyway I'm off to dream and look at stuff!



Naomi said...

geodesic dome home!! or earthship. both brillian big and cheap.


Hope said...

That sounds amazing!! Maybe our houses will be built at the same time, then we can visit back and forth! But yours will be lots funkier and cooler than ours :)


Louise said...

Tin roof! Just like home.