Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cool. Uncool.

I was cleaning up some things in my studio when I found a stack of framed prints I bought for cheap somewhere. I didn't buy them for the prints, of course, I bought them for the frames and glass. I was going to empty them, paint to size, and use them for my watercolours.

Well, now that I don't paint on paper that's no longer really applicable. But then I thought COOL...Absorbent Ground can be painted on anything (theoretically) so I can paint it on top of the glass and then paint my paintings on top of that.
About three seconds later I thought UNCOOL....imagine someone trying to hang their painting, dropping it, and smashing their artwork to smithereens. Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for splintered glass?

I suppose I can easily paint on wood and snap the wood into the back of the frames.
But then again I'm loving the boxed frames I've been doing.

I guess I'll just save the frames for another rainy day.


Sherazade96 said...

Why not paint on canvass or fabric...
or cardboard
or leather
or plastic

And then carefully install that inside the frames?

I want to frame Eve. She's so gorgeous. I wouldn't ever want her edges to curl or fade.

Anonymous said...

The Eve you have was heavily doused with a UV protectant varnish, which is more protective than ordinary glass. You could always frame it under UV protective glass but as I said, she's already been doused.
Her edges shouldn't curl as they've been secured. Have you seen curling??? If so *please* let me know. There should be no reason for that occurrance and I'd like to figure out why and an immediate solution.
If you just want to frame it for artistic value, that's cool. But I thought I ought to let you know I don't send an artwork out without protecting it the best I can.
Please also note that *any* painting hung in direct sunlight will fade much faster than one that isn't. ;)

Sherazade96 said...

Oooh! No no, I am not seeing curling or anything bad like that. I just want to frame it because I *LOVE* it so much and want to preserve it FOREVER. Seriously -- it's amazing. I love it every time I walk up my stairs and see it. *glow* (It's not in direct sunlight)