Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's Sandwich Making Day.

I remember my mother at the beginning of the school year buying a kazillion sandwich making supplies and then proceeding to make a kazillion sandwiches. She'd wrap each in wax paper and then initial them with mine or my siblings initials. From there they went to the freezer and each morning before school we'd fish around in that deep chest freezer and yank out a sandwich with our initial on it.

Today I have decided to write a large list of all the paintings I have to do. I need to survey my wood supplies and, having enough, I need to start cutting pieces to size. Then I need to prime them, coat them, and organise compositions. From there I draw each work up.

Drawing up a work (the foundation of painting) is - to me - the hardest part of it all.

Then I shall stack them all neatly on one of my workbenches. a.k.a the freezer.

What's that? *that's* sandwich making day in the art world. Whenever I'm hungry to paint all I have to do is reach in and grab a canvas, already initialed and ready to go.

Aside from this today is chocolate cookies, clean damp hair, smooth skin and beautiful music day.
That's what today is.

*runs off to compile list of sandwiches*

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Lyvvie said...

Didn't the sandwiches get soggy once they thawed?!