Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RoadTrip Art.

Some work I did on the road (and some I finished at home)
Birthday trip was STELLAR!
Soooo glad to have gone.
But more on that later, when I speak of art retreats!

In the meantime,


Hope said...

I did *not* know you had glasses!

Dead sexy!!

*googly eyes*

Nicola said...

Love the cherry chick and the "loved you the way I could have." Nice fucking work girl. Keep it up.
N xx

Lyvvie said...

...and she did it in the car.

I like the Cherry Chick too. The couples one, I know unfinished, but he looks like he's wearing the hugest pair of whitey-tightys ever!

I like the Pink Ladies and am always amazed how you can use one colour and get so much detail. You inspire!

Carol said...

I didn't know you wore glasses either.

I want to road trip with you! I'll hold the frisket (*sniffsniff*)while boy drives. M'Kay?