Saturday, June 16, 2007

Creating the World you Live in.

Day before last a friend sent me Fairy Dust in the mail. Magical, no?
Yesterday another friend send me the planets and stars, new myths and old legends. Beautiful.

There was also another little beautiful cycle going on....A beautiful idea (SYTs) lead to a beautiful photo being submitted, led to a beautiful painting, led to a beautiful thank-you note. Which, of course, leaves me inspired to paint beautiful things today.

I really like to believe the world is what you make it.
I *do* believe in karma.
I do believe in beauty.

So I think...if I can just make my paintings more beautiful, put more beauty into the universe, then - naturally - more beautiful things will happen in general.

I don't want to believe in the villain, standing under my balloon with an evil pin. Of course, reality also suggest this exists. So you know what you ought to do should the villian appear? You ought to kiss him and hold his hand and make him beautiful too.

Because that's what makes the sun come out.
And with the sun comes the flowers and trees.
From the flowers and trees come paint and wood.
And from paint and wood comes beautiful paintings.

And that's where my life should be stepping in.

More soon.

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