Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Crayon Project.

I found beautiful, delicious, wonderful crayon cushions.
Crayons make my heart sing.
I have a crayon t-shirt and a crayon in my neck tattoo.
Anyway at first I bought them for my room.
But then as I gazed overly-lovingly at them I thought 'they'd be fun up a tree'.
Then I thought 'they'd be fun in a garden'
Then I thought 'they'd be fun halfway up a lamp post'
And then I thought of the travelling gnome.
And I thought 'crayons ought to travel too, no fair!'

and so I have come to the conclusion...

I must get more crayon cushions.
Travel crayon cushions.
And I must have at least 1 with me in the car at all times (preferably 5)
And whenever there is a chance to place them somewhere dandy, I shall pull over and place them and then take a photo.

Maybe I shall even make the crayon blog.
OoooHHhhHHhhhhh because they are *SO* pretty.

I am much looking forward to it.
*nods head*



Sherazade96 said...

Bright colorful and cheery, just like you!

Lyvvie said...

I can understand why you'd want five with you at all times because I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which one is my favourite.

Now...what's this about a neck tattoo? Show please!