Monday, June 9, 2008


This is what 97 degrees looks like.

The fountain is the before-the-fact Sarah Marie Scott memorial fountain.
I swear it's mine.
It's a five minute walk from our house.
We skip there barefooted at 2&3am, also at 2&3pm.
Our friends congregate there also.
We miss them usually by minutes and then we run down to the train tracks and look at the graffittied box cars as they go by.

Summer 2008.
It's not even here yet and it's awesome.


Louise said...

Blue blue eyes!

*loves you both*

...colours... said...

Oh you two are so cute! And the summer looks beautiful - shame it's only coming into Winter here.... :(


Penny Pink said...

nothing beats being outside on a beautiful day and juice. well done.