Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My beautiful man is a big fan of lists so I'm going to try and do this Brennen style.

For the weekend.

1. Load up MP3 player with music, make sure it's charged
2. Make mini-canvases and assemble art travel box, compose pieces
3. Take book to read
4. Get shorts/wrap from Sara
5. Camera. Charge batteries. Bring cards
6. Bring tripod
7. Bring veil
8. Bring headdress
9. Find movies for B's laptop
10. Get Rockstars for the road
11. Bring snacks

Before the weekend.

1. Continue with gift shopping
2. Get as MUCH done on Atlanta commission as possible
3. Get as MUCH done on WW commission as possible
4. Reassemble wedding headdress
5. Tidy house a bit
6. Stock up on cat stuff
7. Buy razors
8. Follow up on lost package at post office
9. Watch Dr. Who
10. Make some sweet, sweet love


Shorty said...

so funny about lists - my hubby likes lists too!

Penny said...

mine too! they litter the house!