Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love In Meh Tummy

I have a somewhat large and often dangerous obsession with eating colourful things.
It makes sense when you think about mankind's urge to consume the things he loves the most (yes, I bite when I'm being affectionate)

Froot Loops.
They make me so happy.
I sit and sigh contentedly and look at them in my bowl before I eat them.

They're so mah-vell-ous. It's like magic in a box. And they taste a damn site better than our soap. (which I also look at and sigh over)

At least not until you've said a few more swears.


Kay said...

That's cos your mother wouldn't give you things with too much food colouring when you were little...

and I am glad you remember about the soap... I have strawberry flavoured soap just in case I learn to swear.

Hope said...


Where do you get that soap???

So pretty!

And I suppose this explains Jo's need to put kitteh heads in her mouth . . . yes indeedy.

...colours... said...

mmmm fruit loops! yum - I haven't eaten these for years!

As for soap - I was almost tempted to lick recently when I got a chocolate and vanilla bar made from goats milk....these are foods yes? ;)

Penny Pink said...

i've been tempted to taste chocolate shower gel and nope, it still tastes like soap no matter how good it smells!