Friday, January 26, 2007

Crazy Artist Speak.

Colours will save me, you know it?
I'm being having viciously vivid daydreams. Crazy moments of unreality. All polluted delightfully with pigment. They calm me.

Today I am going hiking. And I thought about snakes. And I thought about getting bitten. And I thought about poisons. And I thought...if I ever get dragged into a coma, one way or another, I'll imagine colours on the way in. You know how if you hit your head hard, or rub your eyes during a headache, and reds and blues swirl in front of you? Well, I imagine in that moment my mind will CLING to the colour. Because that's what my mind does. And in clinging to that moment before the bad, in loving that colour, I'll be just fine. And not slip further.

Like I said, crazy artist speak.

But I think it may be true.

Here's to hoping my highly intelligent father doesn't read this post and rag on me for all time.
*blowfish face*


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