Monday, January 29, 2007

My Dad's Birthday.

It's my dads birthday today! I love my dad so *so* much!
He's an artist too. He's an author. He has written and published a couple of books and has collaborated on another. But more than my creativity I steal from my dad his stubborn streak. Ohhhh, it's nasty! But I love it. I love his being stubborn and my being stubborn and the stubborn stubborn stubborness of it all. I also admire his strength. In fact most of the things that I like about myself come from my dad.

I really wish I could be there to celebrate his birthday with him.

It makes me sad that I'm not.
When I go back to New Zealand I think I'm going to stay there for a GOOD LONG BIT.
I want to be with *my* family for awhile!

As for tonight I shall light some candles and dance for my dad's birthday.
*nods head*

Happy Monday (Tuesday!) everyone.

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