Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yesterday I was meant to experiment with gouache. I want something bolder and brighter than watercolours, but something of a similiar medium. I drew the works and put own the undercoats but then I got sick and didn't continue. It's on the agenda for today but this is one experiment which seems pretty draggy...I've left it until it has become less exciting. I'm not as inspired as I once was. I guess I'll just have to jump into it.

I also want to work on more story-telling images, break away from simply portrait. If I can't convey an emotion fully through a figure or a face, I'd like to add props. I may turn some of my poetry into paintings, for example.

On the 'art I like' front (something which I hope to incorporate into this blog, surely I can find at least TWO new artists a week to like, no?) I have found Brian Viveros. I don't love all of his stuff, but there are some GREAT pieces in there.

Like the following.
'Pulling Weeds'

He does a lot of 'erotic' works which I don't like as much, except for a few pieces, (I'm not sure of the medium, perhaps pastel/pencil?) but I adore his bold paintings.

Anyway my head is smashing and if I'm going to go play around with gouache now is the moment.


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