Friday, January 26, 2007

The End of the Golfball Rainbow.

My husband and I went hiking today. We walked along a river a wee way before finding a trail that led to a sandy bank. Of course we decided to go out along it and closer to the waters edge. Then I noticed a golfball. I said 'hey look, a golfball.' Then I noticed another. Then my husband noticed one. Then, suddenly, there were golfballs everywhere. Sticking halfway out of the sand. Barely poking through the sand. Sitting on top of the sand. It was *crazy*. We decided that somewhere along the river must be a golf course or country club and waaaaay out here in the state park was where they all swept up. And because I had picked up one, I had to pick up two. And because I had picked up two, I had to pick up three. And so on, and so on. Then...wouldn't you know it? In the middle of winter I could see them lodged in the sand in the water. Now although it was a delicious sunshiney day the water was FREEZING. But I had started collecting, you see, so I couldn't stop. So I took off my shoes and jumped in. I must have pulled out about nine from the water (there were many more on the bank). And it hurt SO BAD. But it was worth it. *grin*. Of course my sneaky husband - unbeknownst to me - took video footage of me jumping through sand and water, cursing and doubling over at the cold. I forgave him this monstrous film though when I noticed halfway through he turned the camera on himself to grin mischievously before turning it back again. A cute man can get away with anything! *shakes fist* But I digress....

Today we found the end of the golfball rainbow. I know we must have left hundreds there, deep in the sand. But it is only the beginning of the year. So who KNOWS how many we'll have by December?

(neither of us golf, btw. that is never the point of magic. *grin*)

How is this related to art?
Well, it's damned fun and quirky.
Like a short artistic film.
And like a square acrylic painting.

*high five*

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Liesl said...

No golf leprechaun?

I used to gather golf balls in the back fields. A couple houses down, someone used to hit them onto our property.

I say keep gathering and make something from them, like a chair...