Friday, January 19, 2007

I Need to Say Something.

I'm at the point in my art where I need to say something more than just a portrait. I need to say something more than 'woman with tears' or 'man sitting down'. I have such vibrant ideas but they always worked best with acrylics and I no longer work in that medium (or at least I ty not to). I'm at a hurdle trying to figure out how to bring more into my watercolours. I'm sure it can be done. I just haven't seen it done much.

On a bright note I have found a woman in a magazine who paints in the same fashion I do. It's very inspiring to know that it is considered art and not just loose splotches of paint. When I excitedly told boy he said 'is it good that you paint like someone else?' I say YES. Because I still have my own spin, we just paint in the same fashion. And I needed to see this lady's work *published* to know that it is considered good by some.

Unfortunately her paintings just say 'man sitting' or 'woman with tears'. *wink*

So today will be a day of research. Trying to seek out work with my chosen medium that I like. Trying to see if what I want to paint can be done. And if I can't find it anywhere, I'll just have to crash on through and do it myself. There has to be a way to say more. I need to say something.

Today I will brainstorm *what* I need to say and *how* to do it in watercolour.

Produce an artwork which is more than a portrait. Bring in bolder colours. Bring in a new element.

I need to say something.


Liesl said...

Why don't you paint in acrylic anymore?

Best of luck with this endeavor.

Naomi said...

paint on something other than canvas.

paint on canvas and affix to... a barn a wheel a rock a tree a boat a goat.... and take pictures.