Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nature and Art.

I must say I've never been a fan of landscape art. The only pieces that I admire I admire for skill alone and not subject matter. I decided yesterday that it must be because nature means so much to me. *So* much to me. It calms me when I am angry. It brings such a peace....even when I am peaceful. It's beautiful. It's whole. And to try and capture it in an image....even photography...seems impossible. I've never been as moved by an artwork of nature as I have by nature itself.

Now people....people don't always move me. People aren't always peaceful to me. Often (but not always!) mankind as a whole appears quite horrid. But sometimes the beauty sparkles through. I suppose this is why I can paint people...if it turns out ugly, there is still some level of truth about it. If it turns out beautiful, it's delightful. And if it turns out unmoving, I started. People don't always move me.

I wonder if those who paint nature truly think they capture it. And if they do, I wonder if nature appears differently to them than it does to me.

Of course I don't paint people realistically, so I suppose people can say I don't capture mankind.
But often is mankind realistic?

*puts self in ponder box*
*throws the key away*

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