Friday, April 13, 2007

Grindhouse & the Curse of White Skin

Okay, this post will probably not be for family or for those much more sophisticated and much less crass than I. It may contain swears. *nods head* That being said,


I swear to GOODNESS!

And I will therefore indulge myself and turn this 'art' entry into a 'Grindhouse' entry (well, at least the *first* half)

I went to see Grindhouse tonight. And it's the first time in FOREVER that I have been properly entertained by something that is meant to be entertaining. Sure, movies in the past have kept me captivated with story telling, interesting ideas and beautiful art. But that's been the extent of it...a new point of view, a new thing to mull over, another way to spend the evening. So now I just trollop into the movie theatres somewhat excited but never really...elevated.

Well! Who knew it would be the guts and gore of Rodriguez and Tarantino that would have me laughing out loud, clapping my hands and joining in with the rest of the crowd.

And maybe...maybe that's it. We had a REALLY good audience. I haven't had a really good movie audience in a long time either. But tonight everybody laughed at the right places, everybody clapped for the good guys and hissed for the bad guys. It was stellar. The movie was taken the exact way it should have been taken and I think *everybody* was entertained.

Well done boys!

(oh! the movie also contained a kiwi, so I was much impressed. I wanted to steal her pounamu, though. I haven't seen minein a year and I'm afraid after watching this flick I'm about to tear the house apart for it)

i n . o t h e r . n e w s

I used to love my fair skin. I was always incredibly pale growing up and never bothered trying to tan in the summer. Then, eventually, skin cancer became uncool anyway and I didn't have to worry so much about fashion and trends because pale girls suddenly became 'intelligent' girls.
And I loved the contrast of my skin. I love the way it glowed, especially in dim light.

I bought a watercolour magazine today because I was quite impressed with the lady's 'self portraits' (Carol Ann Schrader, click here to see her site). I admired again the ability of using oneself as a model, something I used to do but had to give up. And I gave it up mostly due to the fact I'm so pale. It's *very* difficult to pick colour out of my skin and I'm addicted to using colour. Even though I was cheap, flexible and 100% on call, I fast became an unsuitable model when I turned to watercolours. I looked at Ms Schrader's photo and as small as it was, the colours in her face lept out at me.

It makes me sad.

And so I ask.
Has anyone out there got any way to inject colour into pale skin?
Maybe I should exercise and take photos in selected poses after that?
Maybe I shall wait until 4am when I get lightheaded and the blood runs to the bottom of my toes?

I don't know.
But there has to be SOME WAY to use myself as a model again.
It has nothing to do with vanity, I just know what I want to paint best.

Oh, curse my pale skin!

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Louise said...

Can you paint on a dark backgroung using a bright white and blue tones to show how your skin glows?