Friday, April 6, 2007

I am a Painter, Not a Pervert.

Actually, at the Wild Animal Safari I was absolutely transfixed with the family in front of me. There was a grandmother, two mothers (sisters) and their children. They all had the most *remarkable* noses. But more than that, they all had a very 'wet' look to them. Their eyes were so liquid and it looked like if you took a pin and pricked their lips a river would burst forward. I was fascinated that they all carried the same features *so* strongly, that you didn't even have to be introduced to figure out who was siblings with who and who was related where.
But I was especially *especially* fascinated with the little girl in front of me. She was glorious. The sun reflected out of her liquid eyes and watery skin like nothing I had ever seen before.
Of course we were on a tour bus and should have been looking at animals, but I spent every spare moment drinking this family in. I saw painting after painting. How perfect to paint such a liquid family in watercolours! When their heads were turned I took photos. *hangs head in shame* I kept trying to take the little girls portrait without any of the other family members noticing. I'm not sure I didn't get caught, actually.

Which leads me to my new favourite t-shirt that I have to create.

Reading simply, "I am a painter, not a pervert'.
I'm sure many would misconstrue it to mean that I'm justifying any future (or past) crass works. But I'm hoping secretly that anyone who finds my gaze lingering on them a little too long in public will take it as a written apology and smile.

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