Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Wonder Woman Uniform.

u·ni·form (yū'nə-fôrm')
A distinctive outfit intended to identify those who wear it as members of a specific group.

When I painted acrylics I had aprons. Well, one apron and one paint smattered lab coat. Such beautiful beasts they were. In the summer I would paint naked, except for my aprons. Then when I moved onto watercolour...there was no need for them. Or at least no justifications. I didn't have goopy paint and I didn't need to wipe my brushes on myself, so I hung my aprons up. But...I missed them.

A few months later I decided I needed a uniform. I needed something to replace them. Something to define working time from non-working time.

Creator of NaNoWriMo and author of 'No Plot No Problem' feels the same about his writing. He has a viking helmet as his uniform! To my delight he states:
"For me, when I don my plastic Viking helmet, I know I've left the real world behind and am sailing off to the shores of my fictional Valhalla. The hat reminds me that I am Elsewhere, and I will be staying there until the ships reserves of Dr Pepper and Starburst run low."

(good book, you should check it out)

Anyway I was very excited to pick uniforms. About half a year ago I got some black fingerless fishnet gloves as my uniform. I love them! But then...

I was in the store and it was there.
And I wanted it.
And I had no jusitifications for it.
But I wanted it.
And I thought 'camping hat!'
And I wanted it.
And then I got it.
And then I wore it.
And then I KNEW.
Painting hat!

And so here it is.
My new painting uniform.
It's Wonder Woman on my head in all her glory.
And the MoJo is amazing.

Beautiful, ain't it?


Hope said...

I don't care who said what about that hat, I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!

I almost bought a cheap one in WalMart the other day... a neon pink one with the "Tab" cola logo on the front.

Your hat is phenom, dahlink


Louise said...

Cool, you ARE WonderWoman, do a spin!