Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm taking my laptop to bed.

My eyes are fuzzy. It's only 12.30am but I've been working on the computer for a fair few solid hours.

Step 1: Go through a YEARS worth of photos trying to collect originals of 'share your tears' photos (I take THOUSANDS of photos in a year...this was a killer task)

Step 2: Photoshop EVERY 'share your tears' you pull from files. Resize, alter colours, alter sharpenings, save. For EVERY PIECE.

Step 3: RELOAD every 'share your tears' painting and turn them into itty bitty thumbnails.

Step 4: (what we're up to, folks!) spend the next hour writing html code.

Is anybody else sick yet?

In other news I took photos at the Waverly Boogie today to post. I'm too busy right now but maybe tomorrow. The arts were extremely lacking and the sun was so strong it was impossible to sit in the field and watch the bands. It was good to get out, at least. Saw a few peeps. Went home. Jumped into a fridge full of beverage.

But I digress....
I have code to be writing....
I'm taking my laptop to bed!

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