Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Up the Water Spout.

I don't feel very well today.
Plus I can't really do the work I want to do until I go to the hardware store. I need more lumber. And then, when I've built my frames, it'll still take awhile for for them to dry after they're painted.

So art isn't flourishing today.

Instead, I've been gluing magnets to plastic spiders and have been putting them all over the fridge.

I can't wait 'til boy gets home.


Sherazade96 said...

That yellow spider goes well with your new painting!

Louise said...

I love you, can I live here instead of those other 2 places?

cathy said...

your beautiful work is a wonder to behold.

Hope said...

I love your toes!

Are you like me? Never wear shoes unless you have to?

*wiggles toes at Sarahlove*